The moment of winning in a football betting match is what every bettor hopes for. However, as the betting industry continues to evolve, it brings forth various football betting odds with specific changes. To gain a better understanding of this field and ensure your interests, follow Wintips' guide on how to read football betting odds in the following article.
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General Overview of Football Betting
Football betting, in simple terms, is the odds or betting ratios that bookmakers provide before each match. Bettors rely on this information to place their bets on the team they believe is likely to win.
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Reading football betting odds involves studying the information provided by bookmakers before and during the match. Understanding and analyzing this data gives bettors an advantage in predicting match outcomes, including the final score between two teams.
Typically, the odds board includes both main bets and side bets. Main bets cover full-match handicaps, first-half handicaps, full-match over/under, first-half over/under, and even/odd total goals. However, most bettors tend to overlook even/odd bets as they are less enticing.
Side bets are usually more diverse, including exact score bets, yellow card bets, corner bets, penalty bets, and team advancing bets. The type of side bet offered depends on the nature of the match, whether it's a friendly or competitive game.
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Detailed Guide for Beginners on How to Read Football Betting Odds
Understanding Asian Handicap Odds
Asian Handicap odds, also known as handicap or Asian handicap betting, are odds based on the bookmakers' odds in Asia. These odds are presented in a way that accommodates Asian bettors. When selecting these odds, you can only place bets on either the higher-rated team or the lower-rated team; there is no option for a draw.
0 - 0 Handicap: If the match ends in a draw, bets placed on either the higher-rated or lower-rated team will be refunded. If there's a definite win or loss, those who correctly predicted the winning team will receive their winnings.
1/4 Handicap: This handicap means that if the match ends in a draw, bets on the higher-rated team will win, and bets on the lower-rated team will lose. The corresponding winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the specified odds.
1/2 Handicap: With this handicap, you are betting on the lower-rated team receiving half a goal advantage over the higher-rated team. There is no refund for draws. If you bet on the higher-rated team and they win, you win. If the lower-rated team wins, you lose.
Understanding European Odds (1x2)
European odds, also known as 1x2 odds, are explained as follows:
1 (Home Team): You are betting on the home team to win. If the home team wins, your bet is successful.
2 (Away Team): You are betting on the away team to win. If the away team wins, your bet is successful.
X (Draw): You are betting on the match ending in a draw. If the match ends in a draw, your bet is successful. If either team wins, you lose your bet.
How to Read Over/Under Betting Odds
Over/Under betting odds require bettors to predict whether the final score will be above or below a certain number set by the bookmaker. For instance:
If the total goals scored by both teams in the match are exactly 2, those who bet "Under" win, and those who bet "Over" lose. The odds for 2.5 are commonly chosen by many bettors.
With odds set at 1/4, if you bet "Over" on a total goal count of 2, you will get half your bet back if the match ends with two goals. If there are three or more goals, you win the full bet.
At odds of 2 3/4, betting "Over" on a total goal count of 2 means you will only win if the match ends with three or more goals. If there are exactly two goals, you will receive a refund.
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These are comprehensive insights on how to read football betting odds, especially for beginners. We hope that this helpful article has equipped you with the knowledge to understand football odds and make successful bets!